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City walks

Visit the historical city centre of Mende in an original and playful way! The heritage circuit is marked out by 28 bollards and enables you to discover the wonders of the architectural and cultural heritage of Mende. The walk will last around 1h30. Only a few sightseeing are represented on the map. Many others are to be discovered through your tour.








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Croix – Ancien quartier Juif

Porche – Rue d’Aigues-Passes

Maison à pans de bois et à colombage (Rue de l’Arjal)

Fontaine du Griffon

Plan du centre-ville de Mende

2 Notre Dame and Saint Privat de Mende’s Cathedral
3 House with wood sides and half-timbering (Street of Arjal)
5 Fountain of the Griffin
11 Tower of the Penitents
20 Old Consular House (Volterra Space)
21 Cross - Old Jewish district
25 Porch - Street of Aigues-Passes
27 Notre Dame’s Bridge

Cathédrale Notre Dame et Saint Privat de Mende

Credit Photos Hubert

Pont Notre Dame

Ancienne Maison Consulaire (Espace Volterra)

Tour des Pénitents

Booking and requests for information

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restaurant mende

chambres , Hôtel de France à Mende